PR & Crisis Management

We were so relieved and delighted to have professionals on board

Leslie Donahue
Principal, Reading College

PR & Crisis Management

It was essential to have Colin and his team on board throughout

Steve Phibbs
Director, Lenham Storage

PR & Crisis Management

Colin has handled our press for 15 years – that says it all.

Tommy Watt
CEO, Servisair

PR & Crisis Management

We placed great confidence in Colin and his team, they did not let us down. Highly professional

Sam Hodder
Head of Comms, Go-Ahead Group

PR & Crisis Management

I believe our strategy has been successful. Colin has done a great job.

Patrick Verwer
Managing Director, Aviance

The CHA Group - PR & Crisis Management Specialists

Why do you need crisis management?

Negative opinions in the public domain can have catastrophic consequences for the reputation of a business.

Years of hard work to gain favour with your publics can be made futile in one day if communications are not professionally managed and negative press rapidly contained when crisis strikes.

Alongside traditional media outlets the power and reach of the internet cannot be underestimated.

From blogs, forums and news comment pages to social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, today's online world provides ever-multiplying platforms for personal opinion to reach the public domain, creating the potential to turn minor mistakes and internal disputes into headline news.

Remember, perception may not be fact but usually it's too late to make the difference.

The majority of senior management teams do not have the expertise or the resource to deal with a crisis, whilst continuing to service customers and manage a workforce. Ignoring negative perceptions or responding unprofessionally will be far more costly in the long-term than short-term crisis management cover.